The Smart Way to Learn
Spanish for Beginners | A1-A2

Speak Spanish in just a few weeks. This self-study course is the first to combine the best existing methods in just one course. Feel like a child again and learn Spanish the smart way.

Learning a New Language is a Challenge
Over 90% have difficulty with grammar, vocabulary, speaking and comprehension.
How was it with your Mother Tongue?
Everything was easy and effortless. And that's how it should be when learning a new language.
Fortunately, now there is the Smart Method
that will help you learn the language and forget about all the problems.

Who created the smart way to learn languages?

I am Marcus, teacher, language lover, and creator of new methods for language learners. I am from Germany but currently I live on the beautiful island of Tenerife. I have two cats and love sports.

I have been teaching languages in my own academy, at university and online for more than a decade. I have helped thousands of people and I continue to do so.

I am a firm believer that for every new language you speak, you live a new life. And I am always here for you to start this new life.

Our smart way of teaching

Learn like a child with stories and colors. The question and answer technique will help you speak easily. Use your senses, grammar through colors and images.

Speak from the first lesson

Our method focuses on useful phrases so that you can speak a new language from day one.

Learn at your own pace

Learn anywhere and anytime. Make your travel and free time more effective. Be flexible all time.

Achieve your goals with pleasure

92% of the people who learn with our method improve their language skills in only 2 months.

What will I learn from the course?

Vocabulary A2 (800 words)

Learn the most commonly used words so you can understand conversations and texts and express yourself in most situations.

Grammar A2 (present, past, and future tense)

Learn all the basic grammar visually instead by memorizing rules and apply them instantly to your speaking skills

How to speak, understand, read and write

You have thousands of exercises to practice grammar, vocabulary, writing and speaking, and check your progress.

How it works for you while taking the course

300 Animated Videos

Our method focuses on useful phrases so that you can speak a new languagefrom day one.

The Mini Story Method

The Mini Story Method The Mini Story Method (also called the TPRS method) activates your brain to think in German.​

Learn Over 800 Words

Get a really good basic vocabulary and proper pronunciation. And practice the words actively.

Learning With our APP

Practice actively in my app. This way everything gets easily in your long-term memory.

Who this course is for

Anyone who wants to travel to a Spanish speaking country
Anyone who needs to learn Spanish for a new job
Anyone who wants to live in a Spanish speaking country
Anyone who wants to start learning Spanish or wants to repeat the basics
Anyone who wants to study from home with a flexible schedule

Who this course is not for

Anyone who has already successfully completed the beginner level
Anyone who does not struggle to learn Spanish
Anyone who wants to take a classroom course at a school

The Milestones we achieved
through the journey

The Milestones we achieved through the journey

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What our students
are saying?

What our students are saying?


Get started now and make your life awesome

And remember, with every new language you speak, you live a new life. You already did the first step to start a new life by visiting our site. Now it’s time to take the next step, and it’s never been easier than right now

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