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With my method, 9 out of 10 people learn to speak a new language in less than 3 months.

Top 3 Benefits Of Using My Method

Save Time, Reduce Stress

Learn languages the fun way and in record time with my stress-reducing and motivating language courses.

Learn The Real Language

To truly learn the language, practice speaking and listening to the everyday language spoken by native speakers.

Study Anywhere, Anytime

With the flexibility to study anywhere and at any time, you are empowered to learn at your own pace and rhythm.

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Michelle Santos


After several attempts to learn German online or on my own I felt very hopeless and unmotivated because I couldn’t remember many words or phrases, no matter how simple they were. But since I started lessons with Marcus this has changed. Thank you, Marcus! YOU ARE AMAZING!!! 🙂


Saurav Chhabra


Marcus is an excellent teacher!! I never thought that I’ll be able to learn foreign language – But then he came and completely made the process so much fun and addictive. The courses designed by him are so easy to follow and I’m surprised how quickly I learnt German. I will now sign up for the Spanish course very soon. 


Fabienne Rehulka


I live in Switzerland and decided to learn German, a friend recommended Marcus to me and I cannot thank him enough. I have made a lot of progress, technically but also in my self-confidence to understand German. I have started to speak now 🙂 I highly recommend Marcus courses!


Alejandro Durán Ferrera


I have been very satisfied with Marcus’ classes and course. My German has improved a lot thanks to him and his teaching method, especially my ear is sharpened. It is fun and entertaining. You learn almost without noticing it. Marcus is kind, patient and friendly. Highly recommended.


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Try my courses and if after 15 days you are not satisfied, I will refund your money with no questions asked.

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What's your native language?

What's your native language?

What's your native language?