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🇩🇪 German Premium Course with Marcus | A1-B1

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About Course

Speak Fluent German in Record Time – Premium Course

Do you often find yourself thinking that learning German is a daunting and difficult task? I’m here to shatter that belief and empower you to speak, understand, and embrace the German language effortlessly. My premium course, “Speak Fluent German in Record Time,” is your ultimate key to unlocking your full linguistic potential, whether you need German for work, study, vacation, or living in a German-speaking country.

This comprehensive program is designed to take you from zero to hero, enabling you to communicate effectively in every aspect of life. From casual interactions like shopping at the supermarket to confidently engaging in academic conversations, this course has you covered. You’ll even be fully prepared to ace language proficiency exams with a remarkable 92% success rate among our students.

What You’ll Achieve:

  • Communicate fluently in everyday situations, both basic and advanced.
  • Feel confident in your language skills for work, study, travel, or life in a German-speaking environment.
  • Successfully pass language proficiency exams with my proven track record.
  • Harness the power of the German language for a world of opportunities.

Premium Course Highlights:

  1. Learn German with Stories (Level A1-A2):
    • Immerse yourself in the world of German through captivating stories, using the question-answer technique.
    • Benefit from 30 self-study lessons that will elevate you to A2 proficiency.
    • Enjoy personalized individual lessons with Marcus via Zoom.
    • Join our WhatsApp group for real-time assistance with questions and challenges.
    • Challenge yourself with interactive activities after every 5 lessons.
  2. Learn German with Series (Level B1):
    • Dive into the world of German TV series and master the language using the word-by-word translation technique.
    • Hone your skills with the question-answer technique and engaging exercises in the present and past tense.
    • Access 13 self-study lessons that will propel you to a B1 level of proficiency.
    • Get personalized individual lessons with Marcus via Zoom.
    • Connect with fellow learners in our supportive WhatsApp group.
    • Enhance your writing skills by crafting texts in each lesson, expertly corrected by your instructor.

BONUS – Learn German with Music:

  • Immerse yourself in the rich world of German music, deepening your connection to the culture.
  • Discover an extensive list of the most beautiful German songs, gaining insight into their meaning and the artists behind them.
  • Enjoy official music videos with and without subtitles, making it easy to follow along.
  • Actively learn song lyrics and expand your vocabulary through the power of music.

Sign Up Now and Transform Your Life:

Join us on this extraordinary language journey that will open doors to new opportunities and enrich your life. The premium course is the culmination of effective self-study, personalized guidance from me, and the support of a dedicated WhatsApp group. It’s the ideal balance for your language learning success, guiding you from scratch to a confident B1 level. Don’t miss this chance to change your life – enroll today and start your remarkable German language journey!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Gain proficiency at the B1 level
  • German grammar and vocabulary
  • Learn the spoken language
  • Master German conversation
  • German pronunciation, speaking, and phrase writing
  • Confidence in speaking and understanding
  • Explore German music and culture
  • Valuable tips on how to learn German
  • Everyday expressions in German
  • Success in language proficiency exams
  • Confidence for work, study, travel, or life in Germany

Course Content

Welcome and How it Works

GERMAN COURSE A1-A2 (Beginner)

1st Lesson with Marcus + WhatsApp Group

Lesson 3 | The Professions

Lesson 4 | Listening to German

Lesson 5 | Leo learns German

Challenge 1 | Lesson 1-5

2nd Lesson with Marcus

Lesson 6 | Lina’s Birthday

Lesson 7 | Flight to Berlin

Lesson 8 | Hotel

Lesson 9 | Currywurst

Lesson 10 | The People of Berlin

Challenge 2 | Lesson 6-10

3rd Lesson with Marcus

Lesson 11 | Spaniards in Berlin

Lesson 12 | Learning, Listening, Reading

Lesson 13 | Good News

Lesson 14 | The House Sale

Lesson 15 | Finding a Flat

Challenge 3 | Lesson 11-15

4th Lesson with Marcus

Lesson 16 | Water and Electricity

Lesson 17 | Winter in Berlin

Lesson 18 | The new Job

Lesson 19 | Dog or Cat?

Lesson 20 | The new Dog

Challenge 4 | Lesson 16-20

5th Lesson with Marcus

Lesson 21 | Walking the Dog

Lesson 22 | Rent a Car

Lesson 23 | On the Beach

Lesson 24 | Cookies for Everyone

Lesson 25 | In the Restaurant

Challenge 5 | Lesson 21-25

6th Lesson with Marcus

Lesson 26 | Leo is sick

Lesson 27 | Lina makes Soup

Lesson 28 | Leo feels better

Lesson 29 | Football

Lesson 30 | The End

Challenge 6 | Lesson 26-30

7th Lesson with Marcus

Congratulations on Achieving the A2 Level

GERMAN COURSE B1 (Intermediate)

New WhatsApp Group

Lesson 1 | Sams Ankunft

8th Lesson with Marcus

Lesson 2 | Sam geht einkaufen

9th Lesson with Marcus

Lesson 3 | Sam hat ein Date

10th Lesson with Marcus

Lesson 4 | Sam sucht einen Job

11th Lesson with Marcus

Lesson 5 | Ein Star ist geboren

12th Lesson with Marcus

Lesson 6 | Der Lotto-Tag

13th Lesson with Marcus

Congratulations on Achieving the B1 Level


Lesson 7 | Der Zwilling

Lesson 8 | Die Kusine der Vermieterin

Lesson 9 | Jobs für Nic und Sam

Lesson 10 | Anna demonstriert

Lesson 11 | Ferienzeit

Lesson 12 | Verrückt nach Fußball

Lesson 13 | Hochzeitspläne


1 Nena | 99 Luftballons (1983, Pop)

2 Rammstein | Du hast (1997, Metall)

3 Helene Fischer | Atemlos durch die Nacht (2013, Schlager)

4 Clueso | Neuanfang (2016, Pop)

5 Max Raabe | Guten Tag, liebes Glück (2017, 20er + 30er)

6 Revolverheld | Halt dich an mir fest (2010, Pop-Rock)

7 Peter Fox | Haus am See (2008, Reggae, Hip-Hop)

8 Die Ärzte | Schrei nach Liebe (1993, Punk-Rock)


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