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🇩🇪 German Course with Music | A1-B2
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Step 1: A short video with interesting information and background knowledge about the song and artist.

Facts about the song and the artist. What you can learn from the song. What is my favorite part of the song. And a short list of other good songs by the artist.

Step 2: Try to sing in German without reading.

If you want to improve your pronunciation, it is important that you try to sing along and strive for the best possible pronunciation without reading the lyrics. This is because, as soon as you try to sing and read the lyrics at the same time, you revert to your bad pronunciation habits. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the meaning of what is being sung, the important thing at this stage is good pronunciation.

Advanced learners can also try writing the lyrics by listening to the song.

Step 3: Listen to the song and read the lyrics.

Now it’s time to listen to music with lyrics. You will be surprised how many words and phrases you already know that you were not aware of.

Focus on the phrases you find most interesting, or maybe just the chorus. If you already know the chorus of your favorite songs, you have already learned hundreds of words in a foreign language.

Step 4: Check the lyrics with the translation

Here you can bookmark all the new vocabulary in the lyrics, which you will then actively learn.

Step 5: Learn the new vocabulary actively with Quizlet

Quizlet is a great tool for learning new vocabulary. And it will greatly help you learn the new words effectively.

Step 6: Listen to the song again and sing along.

Now that you know the lyrics of the song and have outlined the content, you can continue listening to the corresponding song and singing along. Once you have determined what your favorite song is, you will certainly feel like listening to it independently when you are doing another activity at the same time or when you are in the car or in the shower, for example. Soon enough, you’ll know the song by heart.

One of the cornerstones of memory is repetition. If you follow these 6 steps in broad strokes, I guarantee that you will improve significantly, and without much effort and in a very fun way.

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