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🇩🇪 German Course with Series | B1

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About Course

🌟 Unlock the Magic of Language with “German with Series” | B1 🌟

Are you ready to embark on a captivating journey into the heart of the German language? Welcome to the German Course with Series, designed to take your language skills to the next level. Whether you’re an advanced beginner or an intermediate learner, a language enthusiast, a dedicated learner, or simply curious about the power of linguistic mastery, this course is tailor-made for you. Let’s explore the enchanting world of German with a special touch – through the magic of series.

🎯 Why Learning German with Series Works

Imagine learning a new language while enjoying your favorite series. It’s not only possible but incredibly effective. The German Course with Series is an innovative approach that marries education and entertainment, making the learning process both fun and effortless. Here’s why it works:

  1. Vocabulary Enrichment: Immerse yourself in the language by learning context-specific vocabulary. As you follow the series, you’ll naturally pick up words and phrases used in real-life situations.
  2. Listening Skills: Sharpen your ears as you watch the episodes without subtitles, allowing you to focus entirely on the spoken language. Over time, you’ll find yourself understanding more and more.
  3. Pronunciation Perfection: Listening to native speakers will help you refine your pronunciation. You’ll mimic the natural rhythm and intonation of the language.
  4. Real-Life Expressions: Discover how the language is used in everyday conversations. Master idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms to sound like a native speaker.

🔎 Steps to Reach a B1 Level with the Series “Extra”

This course is designed to guide advanced beginners and intermediate learners systematically towards a B1 proficiency level. Here are the steps to success:

Step 1Watch the episode once without subtitles: Start by immersing yourself in the language. Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything at this stage. Focus on listening and observing.

Step 2Check the word-for-word translation and highlight the new words: Delve into the transcript with a word-for-word translation. Identify the sentences that are still unclear to you.

Step 3Actively learn the new words with Quizlet: Use Quizlet to actively learn and understand the sentences you marked in the transcript.

Step 4Watch the episode once with German and English subtitles: With the added support of subtitles, you’ll begin to grasp more of the language. Read, but continue to focus on listening.

Step 5Watch the episode with English subtitles at least once: As you watch, read the word-for-word translation and listen to the corresponding German words. This step reinforces your understanding.

Step 6Watch the episode with German subtitles at least once: Now that you understand the meaning of the words, focus on listening without reading.

Step 7Actively answer simple questions about the episode using Quizlet: Challenge yourself by actively learning and answering questions related to the episode.

Step 8Watch the episode again without subtitles: By this point, you should be understanding much more than when you started. Celebrate your progress!

Step 9Retell the story in present and past tense using Quizlet: Practice your storytelling skills and work on transforming sentences from the present to the past tense.

🆓 Free Trial: Dive In with Confidence

Try your first lesson absolutely free, no commitments. Experience the world of German with confidence.

📞 Personalized Guidance: Unlock Your Language Goals

Schedule a bonus 30-minute video call with me to discuss your language goals and course expectations. Get tailored support and chart your path to success.

🎉 Have Fun with Learning

Language learning should be enjoyable. That’s why I offer a 15-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Your satisfaction is my top priority.

🌐 Embark on a Linguistic Adventure

Join me on this linguistic adventure and unlock the potential of learning German through series. Enrich your vocabulary, refine your pronunciation, and experience the magic of language in real-life contexts. Get started today and immerse yourself in the world of German with Series | B1.

🚀 Get Started Now and Supercharge Your Life!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Build a strong foundation in the German language
  • Master essential vocabulary for real-life contexts
  • Hone your listening skills through immersive series watching
  • Refine your pronunciation by mimicking native speakers
  • Learn idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms
  • Understand the nuances of the German language
  • Gain proficiency at the B1 level
  • Develop the ability to retell stories in present and past tenses
  • Improve your language comprehension
  • Enhance your confidence in speaking and understanding German
  • Acquire practical language skills for various situations
  • Engage with fun and enjoyable learning methods
  • Challenge yourself through active learning with Quizlet
  • Experience the magic of language in a unique and entertaining way
  • Achieve language mastery with the support of our course

Course Content

Welcome and How it Works

Lesson 1 | Sams Ankunft

Lesson 2 | Sam geht einkaufen

Lesson 3 | Sam hat ein Date

Lesson 4 | Sam sucht einen Job

Lesson 5 | Ein Star ist geboren

Lesson 6 | Der Lotto-Tag

Lesson 7 | Der Zwilling

Lesson 8 | Die Kusine der Vermieterin

Lesson 9 | Jobs für Nic und Sam

Lesson 10 | Anna demonstriert

Lesson 11 | Ferienzeit

Lesson 12 | Verrückt nach Fußball

Lesson 13 | Hochzeitspläne


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