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🧠 Actively Embrace Language Mastery with Quizlet!

📚 Step 3: Dive into Active Learning Now, it’s time to dive headfirst into the exciting world of language with Quizlet. Actively learn the sentences you’ve marked in the transcript to gain a comprehensive understanding of the episode. It’s time to translate the English word-for-word back into German.

Begin Your Language Adventure on Quizlet To get started, create a free account on Quizlet and then join our course.

🔗 (create account)

🔗 (join course)

The link will take you to Quizlet (free learning content). You can also study all course units without registering on Quizlet, but we recommend it.

If you have questions about using Quizlet, watch the video on how our course works.

Actively learn the vocabulary of the lesson with Quizlet:

🔗 Lesson 1 – Sams Ankunft – 1 Transcript and Translation

Mark in Quizlet with stars all the sentences you have marked in the text and then learn only these sentences with Quizlet.

Remember to study this set in “LEARNmode.

Set the following options in Quizlet:

  • Enable audio
  • Answer with German
  • Type of questions just “flashcards

NOTE: Feel free to use Quizlet’s other learning options as well.

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