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Congratulations on Achieving the A2 Level
🇩🇪 German Course with Stories | A1-A2
About Lesson

Below is a list of the steps for each lesson:

  1. Watch the full video of the lesson
  2. Study the vocabulary of the lesson with Quizlet
  3. Translation of the story and summary of the grammar
  4. Listen to parts 1 to 4 individually
  5. Study the questions and answers actively with Quizlet
  6. Watch a video on a grammar topic
  7. Listen to parts 5 to 7 individually (from lesson 14 until part 8)
  8. Tell the story in the present, past, and future tense (from lesson 14) with Quizlet
  9. Watch the vocabulary video and study the words with Quizlet
  10. Take the quiz of the lesson
  11. After every 5 lessons we have a little challenge for you

When you have finished the course, you will have reached an A2 level.


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